Our services range from providing container systems for collecting waste to running temporary storage facilities, from providing personnel to supplying materials

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A full range of services for hazardous waste

  • Our range of services involving plant logistics and plant waste management is very varied indeed. It ranges from sorting recyclables on site at the plant, to collecting and safely taking away all types of hazardous waste, to providing the waste management network with necessary supplies.

  • On-site advice. Being a competent partner for industrial businesses, we also provide our customers with experts so they can receive on-site advice about waste and waste management more

Range of services

      • Ordering, storage, provision and delivery of spare parts, raw materials, auxiliary materials, operating supplies and cleaning agents – when requested just in time directly to the location where the materials are needed
      • Refilling of storage containers in production areas
      • Provision of personnel
      • Organisation of in-house waste management logistics
      • Management of in-house waste collection points and/or recycling centres
      • Provision of container systems to enable materials to be collected separately
      • Sorting of waste and recyclables
      • Safe collection of hazardous waste
      • Complete collection of all waste fractions generated whenever you need it

    On request, we can provide you with qualified employees or we can involve your own team in the work

Audits and downtime management

In many branches, plants or sections of plants need to be temporarily turned off for auditing purposes or shut down at regular periods to enable maintenance and repair work to be carried out. Time is of the essence here. Our management of the auditing and downtime work guarantees that all processes run smoothly and that time is saved by coordinating tasks – so that your facilities are up and running again as quickly as possible. In this field, we also cooperate with other companies within the REMONDIS Group – for example with BUCHEN and XERVON

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