Under close scrutiny: independent experts regularly check the quality of our services

Proven quality. Accreditations document the high standards of our work

  • All of REMONDIS Industrie Service's branches and companies are accredited as a specialised waste management company in accordance with the Federal EfbV Ordinance. Many of them, however, have additional accreditations such as safety certificates (SCC* 2011), EMS certificates and/or WHG certificates (water resources). These documents prove that we are a reliable company that always adheres to quality standards. Moreover, these accreditations are not just a hallmark of excellence – they genuinely benefit our customers: as we have been issued these certificates we have a privileged status allowing us to approve certain waste management processes without needing to involve the authorities.

  • Our branches and associated companies: You can find an overview of our accreditations here

  • Advice/guidance on waste and recycling

    • Handling waste correctly is a science in itself – and it is one that we truly understand. We have the expertise to be able to provide you with all the waste management advice you may need. From determining the exact type of waste, all the way through to drawing up a solution that covers absolutely all of your waste management needs.

    Investigation into potential for savings

    • Greater quality and safety, lower costs. Make the most of our know-how and our ability to deliver really efficient waste management services. We analyse the current situation and then draw up bespoke concepts that meet the individual requirements of each sector.

    Concepts for recycling and services

    • Having a waste management system that has been planned and implemented professionally can help you sharpen your competitive edge. Find out all about our comprehensive concepts and learn more about the different ways we can help you.

    Facility management

    • If you wish, we can handle the various waste management tasks at your company ourselves – from ensuring the hazardous waste is stored safely, to providing you with the materials and detergents you may need. What’s more we are specialists for inspection work and shutdowns.

    Facility engineering

    • The more complex the waste management task, the more compelling the arguments to collaborate with REMONDIS Industrie Service: our experience of working in specialist facilities and the extensive expert knowledge of the REMONDIS network have made us a highly sought-after partner – both at home and abroad.

    Chemical analytics

    • Being part of the REMONDIS Group, we can rely on the expert knowledge of one of the leading testing laboratories in Germany. You can, therefore, rest assured that everything will run smoothly – from the declaration analyses, all the way through to the sample-taking during the waste treatment process.

    Coordination with authorities

    • Full compliance is just one of the many advantages of our documentation services, which cover all aspects of waste management. No matter whether it involves authorities in Germany or abroad – we’ll make sure everything is done that has to be done.

    Creation of electronic certificates

    • Why choose the difficult option when there’s an easier one available? Thanks to our REGISTA® portal, the ‘eANV’ (electronics waste record procedure) has never been easier. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet.


    • We make sure that everything runs smoothly when hazardous substances have to be transported by road and that all EU laws are adhered to at all times. We have a wide range of containers and vehicles enabling us to handle all types of hazardous waste.

Regular inspections

    • The quality of our services is checked regularly by independent experts. Furthermore, in order to ensure we meet our own high expectations, we are constantly carrying out our own checks on our systems and providing further training courses for our staff. All these measures help us to optimise our business processes and mean we can guarantee the highest levels of safety in all phases of our work – from collecting and treating the hazardous waste, to recycling and processing it.

    • Further training courses and seminars are held regularly to ensure the REMONDIS employees are kept up-to-date

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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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