The REMONDIS Group has a wide range of companies in its network so that an individual bespoke solution can always be found – no matter what the waste management problem may be

A full range of industrial services.
REMONDIS Industrie Service's cooperation partners

  • REMONDIS Industrie Service is your contact partner within the REMONDIS Group when it comes to industrial services. No matter whether it has to do with collecting and managing hazardous waste, cleaning, clearing or dismantling industrial facilities, carrying out complex scaffolding work or sealing surfaces: we work together with the companies in our group so that we are able to offer you a full range of services that are both convenient and cost-effective.

  • Together we are strong! The REMONDIS network and its specialist companies offer a full range of services so that there is nothing that cannot be professionally processed in an eco-friendly way

  • The Buchen Group

    • The Buchen Group is our partner for industrial services that involve refineries, chemical companies and heavy industry. The Buchen Group's main areas of expertise are managing shutdown time and cleaning industrial facilities. more


    • We work very closely with REMONDIS Aqua when we deal with water supply and wastewater treatment. For over 30 years now, the company has been active in the area of water resources management building and operating wastewater treatment facilities and focusing on developing sustainable solutions to conserve natural resources. more

    REMONDIS Regions

    • REMONDIS has six regional companies in Germany which together have a nationwide network of 250 business locations. The main task of these regional companies, with whom we work together very often, is to collect and process household and commercial waste as well as to provide a large number of classic waste management services. more


    • RHENUS is one of the leading providers of transport logistics in Europe. When our work involves transporting hazardous waste by road, rail, sea or canal, we often draw on the know-how and use the storage and transfer facilities of our sister company – and by doing so are able to offer our customers a full range of services. more


    • XERVON is our cooperation partner for work that involves building, maintaining and servicing industrial facilities. The company is active all around the world and offers a full range of services for the process industry from scaffolding to surface technology. more

REMONDIS Industrie Service
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