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  • Where can I find a comprehensive list of all the types of waste REMONDIS Industrie Service accepts? Where can I find detailed information about REMONDIS? Is it possible to transfer all my legal waste management obligations to another party? We have put together important information on the following pages to ensure that you can find the answers to these and other questions. Moreover, we have also added some direct downloads and/or links to enable you to go into even more detail if you want to!

  • Our comprehensive brochures and lists will help you to get a clear picture of the area you are interested in

  • Waste catalogue

    • The composition of industrial and commercial waste differs greatly. Our waste catalogue lists the waste codes of all the different types of waste and gives some information about potential risks – from A for acids to Z for zinc ash.


    • Are you interested in the services we provide for separators, in our aerosol recycling programme or in the substitute fuels we produce? Would you like to learn more about the different companies in the REMONDIS Group? Then our brochures are just what you need.


    • All our companies and branches are accredited as a specialised waste management company. A number of them have further accreditations such as safety certificates (SCC* 2011), as an approved inspection body (BAM), QM accreditation, EMS certificates or WHG certificates (water resources). We have drawn up a table to enable you to see which facilities have which accreditation(s).


    • The handling of hazardous waste is regulated by
      a wide range of very different laws and directives – both at national and international level. We have put together a list of the laws, directives and ordinances to guide you through this legal jungle. more

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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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