Being a waste management specialist, REMONDIS is using its experience and know-how to help Airbus – and contributing towards the overall success of the company

EADS' service partner in north Germany. Managing all production waste for Airbus

    • REMONDIS is the service partner collecting and processing all the production waste generated by the Airbus plants in Hamburg, Stade and Buxtehude which belong to the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS). A complex task for us as the waste from EADS' plants in Hamburg and Stade also contains hazardous materials.

    • Effective quality management: REMONDIS guarantees that there are high levels of quality and safety at all times

A "one-stop business"

  • One of the main conditions of Airbus' central purchasing department was that all of the waste management services for the Hamburg, Stade and Buxtehude plants and Premium Aerotec's plant in Varel had to be provided by just one competent partner. They opted for REMONDIS – underlining the fact that we are able to fulfil all conditions in the best possible way.

Rapid dismantling of an electroplating plant

  • One of REMONDIS' tasks was to dismantle an electroplating plant at EADS' Hamburg site which involved removing around 150t of liquid from the collection tanks within a very short space of time. The tanks and the hall were cleaned by the company's subsidiary emv, whilst REMONDIS Industrie Service provided a round-the-clock service collecting the liquids and transporting them to its processing plant in Lübeck.

  • EADS delivered 534 planes to its customers in 2011. It had a turnover of 49 billion euros in the same year

A complex range of services

  • The work at EADS is not simply a matter of providing a few containers and ensuring they are emptied regularly. On the contrary, the REMONDIS experts were required to develop and implement a complex waste management concept which covered a number of tasks including:

    1. Segregation of waste strictly according to type and preparation of the materials for transport by the employees
    2. Management of a collection point for residual waste by REMONDIS on site at the customer's
    3. Ongoing analysis and evaluation of all the procedures used to recycle and process the different types of waste
    4. Effective quality management to ensure there are high levels of both quality and safety within the production plants

    Once again, REMONDIS' work at EADS has shown that it is able to standardise processes, reduce transport requirements and make the best use of the logistics systems in place.

An overview of our services

      • Supplying staff (12 REMONDIS employees)
      • Accepting and sorting waste at the collection point
      • Setting up containers throughout the whole of the plant
      • Exchanging full containers for empty ones (approx. 2 truck loads a week)
      • Collecting the containers (every day)
      • Providing oil and separator services
      • Winter services


    • The leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus is an EADS subsidiary. Besides its head office in Toulouse, France, Airbus also has business locations in Germany, Spain and Great Britain.

      Thanks to its many branches, associated companies and divisional companies, REMONDIS has the perfect set-up for all the waste management tasks needed at Airbus.


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