A fire broke out in Hamburg-Harburg involving large volumes of rubber which REMONDIS Industrie Service removed using eco-friendly processes once the firefighters had extinguished the flames

Rapid response to protect the environment. A fire in Hamburg-Harburg

  • On 02 January 2012, a fire broke out at a large industrial unit (100m x 30m) close to the Handelshof cash-and-carry store in Hamburg-Harburg. The unit had been used to store rubber which melted in the heat and flowed into the sewer system partially blocking it. REMONDIS Industrie Service arrived at the scene immediately to collect and remove the approx. 300 cubic metres of water used to put out the fire and introduced emergency measures to prevent flooding. We were also commissioned with the task of dismantling the building afterwards.

Emergency measures to prevent flooding

With the rubber adhering to the pipes, the capacity of the sewer system was considerably restricted. To prevent the grounds from flooding when there was heavy rainfall – which would have meant the Handelshof cash-and-carry store having to close – REMONDIS immediately set up a watertight container in the hall that could hold up to 33 cubic metres of liquid. As a result the wastewater could be collected safely. We then travelled regularly to the hall to empty the container and take the water for professional treatment. Our team went to the site several times a day, depending on how heavy the rainfall was.

Full range of services for dismantling the industrial unit

  • Once the cause of the fire had been established, REMONDIS Industrie Service collected and transported away all the types of waste that had been generated by the dismantling of the fire-damaged unit and by the work carried out to clean the sewer system – a total of 1,700t in 6 weeks.

    The individual challenges we faced included:

    • hazardous waste such as partly burned rubber blocks, latex residue and rubber aggregate
    • cleaning fluids
    • contaminated flagstones
    • construction waste

    Protective clothing and some of the fire fighting equipment were also taken by REMONDIS Industrie Service for safe processing.

The Project – Facts & Figures

    • Location: Hamburg-Harburg
    • Period of time: January 2012–April 2012
    • Volume & type of waste: ca. 1,700 t waste including liquid rubber
    • Special features: ad-hoc operation
  • Even though the firefighters were able to prevent the fire spreading to neighbouring businesses, the fire caused huge damage. Since the beginning of March, around 1,000 tonnes of waste has been transported to Lübeck where it has been processed in accordance with regulations


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