Thanks to REMONDIS' work, twelve rural areas in Lithuania contaminated with pesticides were able to be cleaned up

Cleaning up 12 contaminated sites. Recovering pesticides in Lithuania

  • In 2008–2009, the APVA, the agency run by the Lithuanian Ministry for the Environment to manage environmental projects, put out an international tender for a remediation project to clean up 12 waste landfills. In the mid 70s, numerous underground chambers had been built at these locations to store old pesticides. Whilst these chambers had concrete walls, they did not have suitable floors so that large volumes of contaminated earth also had to be removed from the sites. All of the recovered materials had to be processed abroad as there are no facilities in Lithuania able to treat such waste in an eco-friendly way. The project was awarded to REMONDIS SAVA in Brunsbüttel, a fully owned subsidiary of REMONDIS Industrie Service GmbH.

  • Health and safety plan: all employees working on the project were informed of the risks involved and trained to use the safety equipment and tools

Large-scale project on behalf of the Lithuanian Ministry for the Environment

  • 2,000 tonnes of pesticides and 6,215 cubic metres of earth contaminated with pesticides (ca. 10,000 tonnes) were recovered from the 12 sites located throughout the whole of Lithuania. These materials were then packed and partly transported to Germany where they were thermally treated or processed for landfill. The sites in Lithuania were in rural locations in the middle of woods and forests where the road networks are very underdeveloped.

REMONDIS SAVA's waste management concept

  • All of the work was monitored by a supervisor who reported back to the APVA once a week

      • during the mobilisation phase, personnel, tools and packaging material were first sent to Lithuania.
      • REMONDIS SAVA filled out and submitted all necessary notification forms to the various authorities. A number of these were also approved by Gesellschaft für die Organisation der Entsorgung von Sonderabfällen mbH (GOES) and the district government of Cologne.
      • the work in Lithuania was carried out by a field team which consisted of a REMONDIS SAVA project manager, ten Lithuanian employees and an interpreter.
      • the pesticides were packed in UN-approved containers.
      • the packed pesticides were separated into units of 19 to 24 tonnes and then transported to REMONDIS SAVA or to the Knapsack hazardous waste landfill.

The Project – Facts & Figures

  • Location: Lithuania/various sites located throughout the country
  • Period of time: March 2008–March 2009
  • EVolume & type of waste: 2,000 t pesticides, 10,000 t earth contaminated with pesticides
  • Special features: the materials were recovered from areas with very underdeveloped road networks; this makes it the largest pesticide project ever to have been carried out


  • The 'Aplinkos projektu valdymo agentura' or the APVA is the agency responsible for managing environmental projects in Lithuania. Working on behalf of the Lithuanian Ministry for the Environment, it deals with all matters concerning the organisation and implementation of project tenders which involve the environmental sector.

  • All of the transport containers and vehicles used fulfilled the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)


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