The aim of the project in Romania was to eradicate the environmental sins of the past decades and so contribute towards global environmental protection

Large-scale EU remediation project. Recovering pesticides in Romania

  • In November 2004, REMONDIS SAVA, a fully owned subsidiary of REMONDIS Industrie Service, signed a contact to carry out large-scale remediation work in Romania. The European organisation, PHARE, had put out a tender for the project which REMONDIS SAVA won beating six other competitors. The total volume of pesticides that needed to be recovered was around 2,500 tonnes.

  • The EU project was one of the most comprehensive pesticide recovery programmes to have been commissioned in Europe over the last few years

The PHARE Programme

  • The EU aid programme, PHARE (short for: "Poland and Hungary: Aid for Restructuring of the Economies"), was one of three instruments used by the European Union to help the countries in Central and Eastern Europe to prepare to become EU member states.

190 storage areas throughout the whole of Romania

  • The work involved the company cleaning up 190 storage areas located throughout the whole of Romania in a professional and eco-friendly manner. Each of the locations had been used to store pesticides, some of which had simply been dumped in an unregulated manner, and these needed to be packed by REMONDIS SAVA in accordance with EU regulations so that they could be transported to Brunsbüttel. There they were then destroyed in the incineration plant ensuring they could no longer damage the biosphere.

    All storage areas were completely freed of the environmentally hazardous poison once the complex remediation work had been completed

Three central collection points

    • Three central collection points were set up for the project: in the north west of the country (Oradea) as well as in the north east (Suceava) and in the south (Giurgiu). 17 employees worked on site in the country to clean up the sites. A total of 2,500 tonnes of pesticides were packed up and 152 journeys made by truck to transport them to REMONDIS SAVA's plant in north Germany.

    • Thanks to its specialist know-how, its state-of-the-art technology and its global references, REMONDIS SAVA was able to show the EU that it was the right company to carry out such a large-scale project

The Project – Facts & Figures

  • Location: Romania
  • Period of time: 2005–2006
  • Volume & type of waste: around 2,500 t pesticides
  • Companies involved: REMONDIS SAVA
  • Special features: materials were recovered from all around the country


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