The consumer goods industry, chemical industry, metal industry – each field has its own special requirements

Down to the smallest detail. Solutions for industrial businesses

We have a surprisingly wide portfolio of services for industrial businesses ranging from waste management concepts all the way through to industrial services. As a result, many small and medium-sized production businesses rely on our know-how and services as do large global companies.

We take everything: waste from surface cleaning work, old metal, service fluids, oils, oil/water mixtures, cleaning residue, sludge and more: AVV Tool

Clean performance. Smooth operations

  • Our industrial services provide you with the following: the cleaning, servicing and/or repair of your production facilities with the minimum amount of downtime and maximum levels of availability. Thanks to our special equipment we are always well prepared – also for surface coating or sealing work, scaffolding and auditing work. The way we work together is just as flexible: cooperation work ranges from individual projects, to operator models, to joint ventures.

  • We offer integral industrial services together with our cooperation partners BUCHEN and XERVON – from cleaning work, to waste management, to shutdown management

Closed material cycles

Besides providing industrial services, we also, of course, collect all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste from your business. Using complex processing and recycling methods, we are able to return some of this to you as raw materials such as steel, metal and solvents. Our wastewater treatment processes are even able to generate energy which can be fed back into your production cycles together with the treated water.

The most important services for your branch

    • collection of all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
    • waste management
    • water management & sewer services
    • planning and building plants
    • management & operator models
    • plant cleaning work and plant logistics
    • cleaning facilities and facility parts
    • services for power plants
    • shutdown management
    • provision of specialist staff
    • dismantling & removing obsolete facilities
    • remediation work

An all round provider with specialist systems

  • We create individual systems from our comprehensive range of services and solutions – perfectly adapted to fulfil your wishes and the requirements of your company. The solutions used most often by your branch are:


      • Professional services for separators – from cleaning, to maintaining, to inspecting, to completely overhauling light liquid and oil separators. more


      • The MOBIWER truck collects up to six different waste fractions, such as engine coolant and service fluids containing oil, in one single trip. more


      • A full range of services covering the cleaning, clearing, removal and dismantling of facilities – from just one company. more


      • The chemical-physical treatment of aqueous waste containing petrol and/or oil as well as organic and inorganic aqueous waste. more


      • Our IT solution for the electronic waste-records procedure. more


      • The production and marketing of tinplate, scrap iron and aluminium recovered from contaminated metal packaging. more


      • The production and marketing of liquid and solid substitute fuels made from waste that cannot be used for materials recycling. more


      • The collection, transport and safe processing of special chemicals that are particularly hazardous, reactive and/or poisonous. more


      • Collecting contaminated solvents, carrying out contracting work, returning processed solvents and marketing regenerates. more


      • Special solutions for special types of waste. more


      • The safe collection and recycling of full and partially full aerosol cans and gas cartridges. more


      • An innovative system of containers for storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries. mehr


      • Washing systems and special cleaning agents for professional industrial and commercial cleaning work. more

Behind the scenes – the group companies

  • Whilst managed by REMONDIS Industrie Service, a number of these branch solutions are provided by the following group companies:

    • BUCHEN
      A full range of industrial services

      REMONDIS regions
      Partners close to your business providing classic waste management tasks

    • REMONDIS Aqua
      Industrial water supply and wastewater treatment concepts

      shutdown management, scaffolding, coating work, sealing work


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