The hazardous waste is first sorted and processed in our facilities before being sent to landfill

LANDFILL: for when there is no other option.
Eco-friendly landfills for hazardous waste

  • REMONDIS Industrie Service offers a comprehensive range of professional services covering all aspects of hazardous waste. Wherever possible, we process these dangerous materials at one of our facilities so that they can be returned to the economic cycle. Hazardous waste only ever ends up in one of our special landfills if recycling it makes absolutely no economic sense.

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Comprehensive know-how & proven expertise

The REMONDIS Group operates a total of 37 landfills across Germany. Both the structure of the landfills and the technology used in them are cutting edge and comply fully with all legal requirements. Moreover, we have both the know-how and the expertise stipulated in Section 4 of the 'DepV' (Federal Ordinance on Landfill Sites). This means that sending hazardous waste to landfill as part of our LANDFILL solution is the most eco-friendly alternative around.

If you wish, we can take over all landfill management tasks for you – from applying for the necessary permits, to operating the site, to re-cultivating the area once operations have been closed down.

Minimising landfill gas emissions

  • Depositing untreated waste in landfills leads to the formation of gases, including methane. This gas is one of the greatest contributors to the greenhouse effect. Emissions of this landfill gas have been cut by two-thirds since 1990. There are two main reasons for this: on the one hand, the law forbidding untreated waste to be deposited in landfills is taking effect and, on the other hand, more and more hazardous waste is being recycled. Thanks to its comprehensive range of processing and recycling activities and its eco-friendly LANDFILL solution, REMONDIS has made an important contribution towards reducing emissions of this gas – and will continue to do so far into the future.

Range of services

  • Depositing of hazardous waste in category III landfills in accordance with the 'DepV' (Federal Ordinance on Landfill Sites)
  • Safe and proper recycling of waste that is suitable for building landfills
  • Depositing materials in a manner that is in the best public interest
  • Creating and participating in sustainable, environmentally friendly waste management concepts for remediation projects

Backfill material as an alternative to landfill

  • Is a landfill the final destination for waste? Not necessarily! Many types of waste can still be very useful if they are recycled and processed into backfill material, for example for filling underground spaces in mines. This is especially true for inorganic hazardous waste.


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