Whether it be corrosive, poisonous, flammable or reactive: we know all about hazardous waste and how to process and recycle it in an environmentally friendly way

No matter what. No matter when. No matter where. Waste management from A to Z

  • When it comes to dealing with hazardous waste, REMONDIS Industrie Service will always find the solution that is right for you! As part of our full range of services, we deal with all types of waste – no matter how dangerous – in a professional and expert manner, return recyclable materials to production cycles as raw materials or as sources of energy – and dispose of any remaining residue in an environmentally-friendly way.

  • Top class references: Both large and small-sized enterprises from all around the world use our professional services. An overview of our projects can be found here

  • IBC-INSPECT: inspecting, maintaining and cleaning waste collection containers and transport containers

    • Top priority is always given to safety when it comes to the containers used for collecting and transporting hazardous waste. Our services here include checking and cleaning all types of container – and giving them a complete overhaul if necessary.

    LANDFILL: eco-friendly landfill practices

    • When you work with REMONDIS Industrie Service, you can be sure that the most ecological and the most economical alternative is always used for depositing hazardous waste in landfills. All of our landfills are run using state-of-the-art technology.

    MEDISON: processing medical and photographic chemical waste

    • From old medicine to infectious waste, from cytostatic agents to solvents, to photographic chemicals: REMONDIS MEDISON recycles and processes all types of problematic waste.

    MOBIWER: collection of six types of workshop waste in one single trip

    • Our MOBIWER vehicle provides a mobile waste collection service for workshops and garages. In just one journey, we can collect up to five different waste fractions. No matter whether it involves car batteries, engine coolant, waste oil, service fluids containing oil or brake fluids.

    QR-MERCURY: mercury recycling

    • REMONDIS QR GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of REMONDIS, specialises in recycling mercury from industrial waste as well as from common everyday products. From button cell batteries, to thermometers, to dental amalgam – every gram counts.

    REBUILD: cleaning, clearing, removing and dismantling facilities working with hazardous materials

    • REMONDIS REBUILD offers a full range of services covering the cleaning, clearing, removal and dismantling of facilities that work or have worked with hazardous materials – and all from just one company. Such work is adapted perfectly to fulfil the requirements of each type of facility as well as to fulfil the highest standards of safety.

    REFLOW: the chemical-physical treatment of aqueous waste

    • Separator contents and grit chamber residue need to be treated with great care. We know the regulations that need to be complied with when handling aqueous waste containing petrol and/or oil and organic and inorganic sludge and treat these substances using chemical-physical processes.

    REMONDIS AS-CONTROL: professional services for separators

    • REMONDIS AS-CONTROL offers a professional range of services for separators across the country – from cleaning, to maintaining, to inspecting, to completely overhauling light liquid and oil separators.

    RENOMETALL®: recovering metal from old iron

    • For us, contaminated metal packaging is a raw material. We remove any contaminants using safe and eco-friendly methods, separate the metals according to group and then process them. By doing so, we are able to return tinplate, scrap iron and aluminium to production cycles under the RENOMETALL® name.

    RENOTHERM®: top quality, second-hand substitute fuels

    • With our natural resources being depleted at an ever faster rate, it is becoming more and more important to find alternative solutions and create new types of energy. REMONDIS uses waste that cannot be used for materials recycling to produce liquid and solid substitute fuels which it then markets under the RENOTHERM® name.

    RENOX: a three-step service package for special chemicals

    • REMONDIS' RENOX division provides a fully integrated service package for special chemicals that are particularly hazardous, reactive and/or poisonous – from the collection and safe transport of the materials, to processing them using eco-friendly methods.

    RESOLVE®: solvents for the industry & trade as well as for private consumers

    • RESOLVE® is REMONDIS' specialist for recycling and producing solvents: our services range from collecting contaminated solvents, to carrying out contracting work and returning solvents to customers, to marketing regenerates.

    RESPECIAL: special solutions for special types of waste

    • Being part of the REMONDIS Group's network of companies, we are able to draw on all the know-how and services of our sister companies. As far as you are concerned, this means we are able to help you quickly and ensure your questions are answered in an uncomplicated manner.

    RESPRAY: recycling of aerosol cans and gas cartridges

    • RESPRAY's pioneering full-service system guarantees that full and partially full aerosol cans from industrial and commercial businesses are collected, transported, recycled and processed safely.

    RETANK: cleaning and protecting tanks

    • Fine particles and oily sludge can clog up pipes and valves in heating systems causing damage that can be very expensive to repair. You can avoid this problem by having your oil tanks cleaned regularly. REMONDIS provides top quality tank protection and cleaning services – at a guaranteed fixed price.

    RETHERM: the thermal solution for hazardous waste

    • The REMONDIS Group operates a large number of modern, specialist thermal recycling facilities. Hazardous waste – whether it be solid, liquid or pasty – is incinerated in these facilities using safe and environmentally friendly processes.

    RETRON: A safe system for lithium-ion batteries

    • RETRON is an innovative system that covers all aspects of storing, transporting and processing damaged and/or faulty lithium-ion batteries.

    SafetyTruck: mobile collection of hazardous waste

    • SafetyTruck is a special vehicle developed by REMONDIS to collect hazardous waste or waste containing hazardous substances. We collect all types of waste from your business – from acids
      to waste oil.

    UPEX: washing systems and special cleaning agents for every purpose

    • UPEX is your expert for professional industrial and commercial cleaning work. We offer washing systems and special cleaning agents that produce sparkling results and – in addition to our range of high quality products – develop individual solutions for our customers.

We also take on special tasks. All around the world

      • Drawing up and implementing waste management projects for armed forces, even in troubled regions
      • Carrying out any necessary notification work for transporting waste across borders
      • Local collection, classification and packaging of hazardous waste
      • Transport by road, rail and sea in accordance with ADR, RID and IMDG regulations
      • Recycling or processing of waste packed in situ within REMONDIS' network of facilities

    Do you have an unusual problem that needs an individual solution? Then send us a mail – we'll get straight back to you to give you advice! email

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