Special chemicals need to be handled with extra special care and attention. Such substances are treated, therefore, using the strictest of safety precautions

Do you have a particularly difficult challenge?
Chemicals safely under control with RENOX

    • REMONDIS' company, RENOX, offers a very special range of services. It deals exclusively with special chemicals which have their own distinct position among the different types of industrial waste due to their potentially dangerous nature, their reactivity and their toxicity. Thanks to the RENOX system, all hazardous materials generated by industrial businesses, research institutes, universities, school laboratories, chemists and private households can be collected and safely treated.

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A three-step service package

    • RENOX' service package consists of three components that are provided and performed in Germany and across Europe by REMONDIS Industrie Service's specialist businesses:

    • Priority is always given to ensuring that strict safety measures are in place and that the quality remains at the same high level at all times

    • RENOX Transport
      covers all aspects of transporting the materials safely from the customer's to the treatment facility. By jointly inspecting and identifying the type of material, classifying it according to hazardous waste law and selecting the right transport packaging, we ensure the waste reaches the treatment plant safely in special transport containers.

    • RENOX Treatment
      handles the chemical-physical treatment activities. Gases in pressurized cylinders (also hydrogen fluoride) are, depending on the quality and the contents, either neutralized via a scrubber system or directly connected to the incineration facility. Diverse washing systems ensure that the very different kinds of containers and reactor parts are freed of any residual materials and deposits.

    • RENOX Direct Incineration
      uses hazardous waste incineration plants which enable the material to be transported directly into the furnace via barrel elevators and connecting systems for liquid and gaseous substances. In our high-temperature incineration plant, materials with a longer reaction time, such as carbides and phosphides, can also safely react without any problem.

RENOX – Facts & Figures

  • Input: special chemicals from the industry, research institutes, universities, schools, small laboratories and commercial businesses as well as small volumes of hazardous waste from private households
  • Process(es): classification, transport, sorting, pre-treatment, conditioning, processing, disposal or recycling
  • Output: direct incineration, hazardous waste incineration, hazardous waste landfill, underground hazardous waste storage facility
  • Throughput: ca. 3,000 t/a
  • Special features: RENOX' services are already being provided across Europe by the company's own locations and by its cooperation partners - and the network is being continuously extended; wherever it may be, priority is always given to ensuring that strict safety measures are in place and that the quality remains at the same high level at all times


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