RESOLVE®: when processing and producing solvents, we guarantee high levels of flexibility and excellent standards of quality

Do you prefer clear solutions? RESOLVE®:
clean treatment, top quality products

  • Solvents are used in varnishes, printing inks and glues. REMONDIS Industrie Service offers a full range of services covering the treatment of such solvents that is unique throughout Europe. We take the impure batches, separate the contents from each other, recycle the solid contents and the solvents and then return them to production cycles.

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Solvents for the industry & trade as well as for private consumers

  • We produce high quality raw materials and new products from contaminated solvents which we then market to industrial, trade and commercial businesses under the RESOLVE® brand name. The ingredients are mixed together in accordance with customer wishes so that the solvents correspond exactly with the needs of the individual users. As part of our full service package, we deliver our products directly to industrial customers as well as to DIY stores and paint and varnish wholesalers. No matter whether the orders involve large batches for industrial customers or very small amounts for retailers – RESOLVE® is available in both large and small-sized packaging.

    The contaminated solvents and organic acids are collected in barrels, waste collection containers or by tanker lorries – depending on what suits the customer best.

  • Together with our sister company, RESOLVE, we return around 55,000 tonnes of solvents to production cycles each year

Flow chart: distillation process

Our range of services

  • reliable collection service
  • azeotropic drying of solvents/esterification
  • contract distillation work
  • filling solvents, thinners and undercoats into customer-specific containers
  • filling special solvent mixtures into containers according to customer instructions
  • development and bottling of products – adapted to specific customer requirements
  • direct delivery service to industrial customers

RESOLVE® – Facts & Figures

  • Input: used contaminated solvents, organic acids
  • Process(es): processing of used solvents, e.g. distillation of solvents separated according to type
  • Output: products: Staufen, Recolor, ILLUMIN® and Aquasin
  • Throughput: ca. 23,000 t/a plus ca. 10,000t as filler ~ 10,000,000 litres
  • Special features: we use these solvents and high quality raw materials to make new products for our industrial and commercial customers


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