Where should you put your damaged or faulty lithium-ion batteries? The best place is in our unique RETRON containers: the perfect solution for storing and transporting such batteries safely

Lithium-ion batteries – a blessing and a curse

  • Lithium-ion batteries are not only essential for the rapidly growing e-mobility industry; they are also needed for a whole range of cordless electrical products, such as lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, e-bikes and power tools to name just a few. This means, of course, that they have now found their way into the supply and waste management chains. This is causing a real problem. Why? Because damaged and faulty lithium-ion batteries are a high risk material and can cause a fire or even an explosion. Businesses urgently need a safe system for their old lithium-ion batteries. And this is exactly what RETRON offers.

    RETRON is a smart two-in-one system for storing and transporting lithium-ion batteries. Offering extreme heat protection, these boxes are free of dust and really easy to use

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What is so special about the RETRON container system?

  • Unlike the other lithium-ion battery storage and transport containers currently on the market, the RETRON system does not require inert filling material. This makes it particularly easy to place the batteries into the box as well as to store and transport them. It is also very clean as it is completely dust-free. Nothing can leak out or spill over. At the same time, RETRON offers maximum levels of safety right from the start. The batteries are first placed into specially designed fire and flame resistant bags that act as an insulating layer should a fire actually break out. Once the lithium-ion battery has been safely stowed in the bag, it – and the bag – are then placed into a UN-certified, high temperature resistant RETRON box. Thanks to the outstanding insulation material, these containers can withstand temperatures of over 1,000°C should there be a thermal runaway reaction in the batteries. And not just for a short time but for several days. The temperature of the outer walls remains below 100°C at all times.

  • The RETRON boxes and bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find out more at retron.world or here for download:

The advantages of RETRON

    • A nationwide system
    • The services can be adapted to meet customer requirements (packaging, collection, transport, treatment)
    • Safe storage and safe transport
    • UN-approved and high temperature resistant
    • A dust-free system as inert filling material is not needed
    • The boxes can be stacked and moved around and offer heat, flame and projectile protection
    • Can be used as an exchangeable or stationary storage system
    • The perfect way to keep employees and the environment safe
    • Easy to use

Who can benefit from RETRON?

Many people have suddenly found themselves faced with the problem of lithium-ion batteries, not realising that such safety measures were actually necessary. Bike shops, for example, are now obliged to take back old batteries from e-bikes. DIY stores and electrical retailers are in a similar position. And they are not alone. Industrial businesses processing lithium-ion batteries and household recycling centres (to name just two examples) are also asking themselves similar questions: What measures must be taken to comply with the regulations and what is the best way to keep their staff safe? RETRON’s system answers all these questions, offering safe and compliant storage and transport solutions. Closing a safety gap as well as a gap in the market.

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