The REMONDIS SAVA hazardous waste incineration plant.
High-tech to protect the environment

  • The REMONDIS SAVA hazardous waste incineration plant in Brunsbüttel is one of the best performing and most modern plants of its kind in Europe. Using the state-of-the-art processes available at the plant, the highly qualified experts working there make an important contribution towards ensuring hazardous waste is processed in an environmentally friendly way.

    Obligatory standards: companies handling hazardous waste are subject to very high standards of safety. We always adhere to these!

Cleaning and filter system

  • The incineration conditions of the plant are clearly defined. Every day, a mixture is made from the liquid, pasty and homogenised solid waste which is then incinerated in a special rotary kiln.

  • For further information, please read our REMONDIS SAVA brochure (PDF)

We accept and recycle a wide range of materials

  • We not only accept solid, pasty and liquid hazardous waste but also:

    • volumes of materials or waste that have not yet been shredded and must first be repacked, for example pallets of containers
    • special liquids such as oils containing PCB, aniline or THF (accepted in tanks)
    • very acidic or hot materials as well as reactive compounds (injected directly via a special loading station)
    • hydrochloric wastewater for recycling via our special evaporating facility

Plant capacity

With a throughput of 5t of waste an hour with an average calorific value of 17.4MJ/kg and assuming 7,000 hours of operation a year, the annual capacity of the plant is approx. 35,000t.

Remote monitoring of emissions (EFÜ)

  • The plant is subject to the so-called EFÜ, a remote monitoring process, and the results of this process demonstrate that it is well worth the effort having all this technology: emissions of particulates, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and sulphur oxides, hydrogen chloride, mercury and all carbons are all clearly below the emission limits laid down in the planning permission and below the legally prescribed limit values stipulated in the 17th Ordinance of the Federal Emissions Control Act (17. BlmschV).

  • REMONDIS SAVA's emissions are monitored constantly and the recorded results are sent to the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection in the German state of Lower Saxony


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