The Herne treatment plant.
The safe storage and treatment of hazardous waste

  • 32 employees work at our treatment plant in Herne, all of whom are experienced experts in storing, treating and recycling a whole variety of hazardous waste. The centrepiece of this treatment plant is its tank farm which can store up to 22,000 cubic metres of hazardous waste making it the largest of its kind in Germany.

Two high-capacity storage facilities

Our barrel and IBC storage facility has sufficient space to hold up to 240 tonnes of flammable materials and liquids hazardous to water – such as varnishes, paints and glues – in a variety of different-sized containers ranging from 60 to 1,000 litres. Our tank farm, with a total capacity of 22,000 cubic metres, has two main tasks: on the one hand to store and, on the other hand, to condition hazardous liquid waste so that it can be used for materials or thermal recycling.

Waste treatment in the CP plant

  • A further main feature of the Herne treatment plant is its chemical-physical treatment facility. Operating in three shifts, this facility processes and/or neutralises a wide range of hazardous waste:

      • acids and alkalis
      • landfill leachate and wastewater containing complexing agents
      • sludge-like oil/water mixtures
      • solutions containing metal salt electrolytic

      During its busiest periods, the Herne facility processes 300 tonnes of waste every day – making sure it is returned to the economic cycle or disposed of safely.

    • The Herne treatment facility operates around the clock ensuring that hazardous waste is stored safely and treated professionally

Additional facilities for specialist tasks

  • The Herne treatment plant is also home to two specialist facilities enabling us to provide our customers with some additional services:

    • a cleaning facility for industrial pipes and machine parts
    • a facility for diluting and neutralising nitric and hydrofluoric acid


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