The Lübeck waste management centre.
Maximum safety when processing hazardous waste

  • REMONDIS' plant in Lübeck is the largest hazardous waste centre in north Germany. It was built in 1991 specifically for the purpose of processing hazardous waste. A total of 75 employees work at the centre ensuring that safety standards are maintained during all stages of work – from collecting and processing the materials, to recycling them or disposing of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Fulfilling all 'EfbV' requirements

  • Our plant in Schleswig-Holstein fulfils all the requirements laid down in the 'EfbV' (Federal Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies) concerning organisation, equipment, specialist knowledge and reliability. In order to be able to offer our customers maximum levels of safety, the Lübeck plant provides a full range of services all along the supply chain.

    As a result we can offer our customers:

    • full on-site logistics including collecting and transporting materials using approved container systems and special vehicles,
    • operating interim storage facilities for hazardous waste; sorting the materials at the customers' or at our own centre,
    • pre-treatment and conditioning in our modern facilities,
    • materials recycling or disposal on-site or within REMONDIS' network of plants,
    • industrial waste management.

    Furthermore, we have a laboratory in Lübeck where we can reliably analyse hazardous materials before deciding whether they should be sent for further recycling or for disposal.

    Every day, 22 special vehicles leave REMONDIS Industrie Service's Lübeck branch to carry out their various tasks

Mobile collection and processing

One special service that we offer our customers is the collection of hazardous waste using the SafetyTruck, a vehicle that we developed ourselves. We use the SafetyTruck to collect all types of hazardous waste generated by businesses. Our MOBIWER vehicle collects waste from garages and can take up to six different types of waste in just one trip.


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