High-tech for perfect processes – over 80 facilities for treating hazardous waste

  • Companies that wish to recover raw materials from contaminated solvents, emulsions and other oil and water mixtures, from contaminated metal packaging or from empty aerosol cans need a network of highly specialised facilities. REMONDIS Industrie Service has more than 80 recycling and processing plants and facilities, in which hazardous waste is either recycled or disposed of using environmentally friendly processes.

    A small selection of our specialist facilities and business locations can be found in this chapter.

  • Our accreditations: all REMONDIS locations are accredited as a specialised waste management company in accordance with the Federal 'EfbV' Ordinance more

  • Bramsche Industrial Recycling Centre

    • Our Bramsche Industrial Recycling Centre is primarily used for recycling a very wide range of hazardous waste. Thanks to its innovative procedures, specialized facilities and intelligent solutions, we are able to offer waste management processes that are unique both in Germany and Europe.

    Brunsbüttel hazardous waste incineration plant

    • At our REMONDIS SAVA hazardous waste incineration plant, we are able to process hazardous waste, which is unable to be recycled, in a manner that is both safe and eco-friendly. The plant, which is located in Brunsbüttel in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, is one of the most modern hazardous waste incineration plants in Europe.

    Herne treatment plant

    • We store, condition and recycle large volumes of hazardous waste at our treatment facility in Herne. Besides operating a chemical-physical treatment facility, the plant also has, among others, a barrel and IBC storage facility and a large tank farm for solvents and other hazardous liquids.

    Lübeck treatment facility

    • Our treatment facility in Lübeck has the capacity to store up to 1,200 tonnes of material, making it the largest facility for treating hazardous waste in north Germany. It fulfils all the requirements laid down in the 'EfbV' (Federal Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies) and ensures maximum levels of safety are achieved from collecting the materials all the way through to recycling them.

    Lünen Industrial Recycling Centre

    • The REMONDIS Lippe Plant in Lünen is one of the largest industrial recycling centres in Europe. Here, we recover raw materials from hazardous waste and use them to make new products helping to lay the foundations for a supply of climate-friendly energy.

Our business locations

We are active in Germany as well as all around the world more

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